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Antec Front Window Mod **HOT**

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Antec Front Window Mod
Author: Sky

Thanks to
For Providing Us With His Mod Pictures and Secrets

Materials Needed
Rotary Saw
Cutoff Wheels
1/4" Plexi-glass
Clear-Drying Silicon

The Mod
1. Remove Front door from Antec/Chieftec bezel by pushing the tab on the left until it unlocks. Set the case aside.

2. Get your Dremel ready. Follow all safety instructions provided. From the inside of the door, find the little tabs/contacts that hold the plastic panel in place. Using the dremel with a cut-off wheel attached, cut the little contacts from the INSIDE. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE THE LOWER EDGE of the contacts. The plexi-glass depends on the little ledge to rest on!

3. Cut the plastic bezel panel down to the bottom. Remove panel carefully, making sure not to damage the little tabs/contacts. If there are any burrs on the remaining tabs/contacts you can sand them lightly to make a flat surface. This will allow the silicon to dry more secure later.

4. Get out your sheet of 1/4? plexi-glass. Remember to measure twice and cut once. Measure the inside dimensions of where you are planning to place the new plexi-glass panel. You only want a small area between the plexi-glass and the bezel frame. Measure your plexi-glass so that it just BARELY fits between the two side pieces in the door. You can use a sharpie marker to draw the outline on the plexi-glass to double check the fit one more time before cutting. Then take your rotary saw or jigsaw and to cut the plexi-glass.

5. To curve the bottom of the new plexi-glass bezel you can use either a dremel or a belt sander. I decided to use a belt sander to curve the top and bottom of the plexi-glass until it matched up fairly well. You must have a way to brace the plexi-glass for this step. Be careful because the plexi-glass scratches very easy. You can try and fit the plexi-glass in the bezel to see how it fits. If needed, re-sand or touch up the edges.


6. Now you are ready to install the window. Cut the top off the silicon tube very carefully so it makes a tiny hole. This way you can make a very small bead of silicon easily. Apply a THIN bead of silicon on the lower edge and side of the door all the way around. Gently place your plexi-glass in bezel on the tabs/contacts in the bezel. Let the new bezel dry for at least 12 hours.

7. Then reinstall door and you have a brand new bezel, this really adds to the front of these cases.

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