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Hard Drive Window

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Hard Drive Window
Author: Josh ?Cap'n" Sagnella

How hardcore a modder are you? Well let's see... You have the window? Check. You have the Neon? Check. The Baybus, stealth drives, and the overclocked CPU? Check, check, and check. Your case is looking pretty good, but not quite hardcore. To be truly hardcore, you have to do something that most people are afraid to do. What, you ask? Well, you could put water in your computer, do an intricate cut out on your side panel, or you could do something that few have dared to try - the Hard Drive Window mod.

I've always wanted to do an HDD window, but have never really had a reason to get off my butt and do it. However, the planets aligned just right, and I was able to get the parts needed to try the black art of hard drive modding.

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