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Building a Fanbus

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Building a Fanbus

Article: Building Your Own Classic Fanbus
Author: Lee ?Vectrex? Huffman


The Fanbus is one of those mods that has been around for ages, but it just never gets old. For those of you who do not know what a fanbus is, you may want to read on.

A fanbus is a device that allows you to hook up 4 (more or less in some situations, but we will go with 4 in this guide) fans, to only one PSU connector. This means more connectors for your other fancy components. The fanbus does this by routing all your 12 volt connections into one line, and routing all your ground connections into one line (you can view the schematic below for more information).

As you can imagine just by reading this, that this will come in handy you?re the kind of guy that bases his rig around airflow (and thus, lots of fans). The other plus about the fanbus is that, in most situations, it is a very cheap and easy project. Read on for a closer look into the fanbus, and making your own!


All of the materials used to create my fanbus was purchased from my local Radio Shack. My final costs came to around 20 dollars, so you will not have to dig to deep into your pocket to create on of these. The following list of materials is what you will need to pick up:

25-watt Soldering Iron

20 Gauge Hook-Up Wire (Black and Red)

Plastic Project Box

Rosin Core Solder

Speaker Terminals

Various Sized Heatshrink

Super Glue

Extra Molex Connector

A Basic OVERVIEW of the Fanbus Layout

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